About Shelly

Shelly Slocum is an amazing writer/performer with extensive experience in the LA and NYC comedy scenes. TV and film credits include:  Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development, Battle of the Sexes and Playing It Cool.


Shelly began her career performing and writing at UCB in NY starting in 2004. Today she still performs in the acclaimed monthly improv show "Gravid Water" at UCB Franklin in Los Angeles and hosts/produces The Fetal Position at Dynasty Typewriter (a planned parenthood fundraiser where creative friends share stories about thier relationship to their own female anatomy). 


Her work as a writer/performer often discusses modern-day motherhood. She has a feature script about a mother reclaiming her identity after having children that is currently being packaged. She also hosts a new podcast called, "The Story of Mom” that examines the pressure and identity loss of parenthood. She just finished writing a novel about the arc of enmeshment in a mother/daughter relationship. She is busy working up pitches and curating show ideas (all of which are about motherhood).